Library :
  The  school  has a well  equipped  library with books  of  a  wide  range  of  interest,  carefully chosen to be of  educational value to the students of all  age  groups.

Laboratories :  The  Science  Department  has  three well equipped laboratories  for  Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Students of Classes  VII to XII  have  facilities to  do  experiments & project work under the supervision of a highly qualified teaching  staff. Demonstration classes are also held for students of lower  classes  at  regular  intervals. 

Computer  Laboratory : A well equipped computer  lab is  established and students  are given the opportunity to get oriented  to Computer education from Class I  onwards

Transportation :  The  school  has  a  fleet  of  seven  AC  buses  operating  throughout  Ras  Al-Khaimah.  All  the  students  availing  the  school  transport  are  insured.  Plans  are  afoot  to  increase  the  number  of  buses  in  order  to  cater  to  a  larger  number  of  students.

Medical Care :  There  is  a  well  equipped  First  Aid  centre  available  in  the  school.  A  permanent  Nurse  and  a  Doctor  is  available  in  the  school.

The Book Store :  Text books,  Note books,  Uniforms,  ties,  etc.  are  available  in  the  school  stores. 

Evening Games :  Basketball,  Volley ball,  Throw ball,  Shuttle  Badminton  as  well  as  Table  Tennis  have  become  very  popular  nowadays  with  participation  of  more  number  of  students.


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